Augmented Reality solutions for the real-estate businesses

13 May 2020

Augmented Reality offers many applications in the real-estate industry. From the architect study, to the marketing & sales an AR view will improve the project presentation to a colleague, a prospect, a customer by reassuring him on the final rendering.

Augmented reality will display a virtual 3D view of the space, this view can be global or immersed. Here is an example with an AR code for a virtual apartment presentation.

Apartment tour with an AR Code

AR Code apartment tour

An AR Code allows access to the augmented reality experience by placing it anywhere (product, presentation brochure, website, showcase, ...). Our 3D file hosting and conversion service allows the experience to display by default on iOS>13 & Android>9 smartphones or through augmented reality glasses such as Magic Leap ones. 

Try the experience presented above by scanning this AR Code:

AR real estate apartment

If you want to add more interactivity or fluidity to this experience, we developed mobile application solutions for iOS and Android. You can test the iOS AR Code app here.

To generate your own augmented reality experience (apartment under construction, house presentation, building site, interior decoration, kitchen or bathroom design,...) open a TRIAL account on our platform or contact us.