AR Code

AR Code

AR Code is a SaaS to create, edit and track codes containing the information needed to simply show a 3D content that can be reproduced in an augmented reality environment.

Readable natively on Android and iOS

An AR Code is scannable by default on iOS and Android devices. The "Flying Over" AR rendering is supported on Android>4.4 and iOS>11.0 devices. The "Immersive" AR rendering is supported on iOS>13.0, Android>9.0 and Magic Leap devices, older versions will show a simple 3D rendering. VR rendering option is available on the "Flying Over" rendering.

For the specific implementations, we've developed brandable mobile applications to intantaneously show AR experiences that could be included in an Augmented Reality Code (videos, games, payment interfaces, visio-conference systems, password protected AR...). Here is the iOS version:

Add AR experiences everywhere

Product Packaging

Food Packaging

Banners & Posters

Business Cards

Brochures & Flyers

Labels & Stickers


Bottles & Cans


Displays & Windows

Newspapers & Magazines





Certain professional activities are directly concerned by the Augmented Reality revolution: Real-estate industry, Advertisement industry, Education, Museums, Sports Centers, ... We have developed specific AR Codes implementation solutions in each of these sectors.

Two AR Codes types

types of AR Codes

Immersive & Flying Over

  • Immersive AR: displays AR experiences in your direct environment: 3D object, 3D animation, photogrammetric 3D scan, VR immersion,...
  • Flying Over AR: displays remote data flying over an AR Code, the data is editable remotely on our website or via our API.

Enjoy the unlimited possibilities of Augmented Reality Codes.

Augmented Reality API


Flying Over API v1.0

The first version let you generate and edit "Flying Over" codes. This API also provides AR Codes scans statistics.

Our API is the perfect way to display remote data anywhere: member card infos, IoT data, pricing display, ...

AR Code API v1.0

Create, Manage, Edit and Track your AR Codes

3D Creation

AR Code Edition


Powerful Dashboard

AR Code Management

Tracking and Statistics

Dedicated generating platform

  • AR Codes creation/edition/management
  • Tracking stats
  • Re-targeting
  • 3D models creation/edition/conversion (AR Code studio)
  • 3D files hosting
  • Team work
  • and more...

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