AR Code

Augmented Reality Code

An AR Code (Augmented Reality Code) is a type of barcode containing the information needed to simply show a 3D content that can be reproduced in an augmented reality environment.

Readable natively on Android and iOS

An AR Code generated on our platform is scannable by iOS and Android devices. The AR rendering is available on the iOS>13.0 and Android>9.0 devices, older versions will show a simple 3D rendering.

We've also developed a brandable mobile application to scan and intantaneously show AR experiences that could be included in an AR Code (videos, games, payment interfaces, visio-conference systems, password protected AR...). Here is the iOS version:

Add AR experiences everywhere

Product Packaging

Food Packaging

Banners & Posters

Business Cards

Brochures & Flyers

Labels & Stickers


Bottles & Cans


Displays & Windows

Newspapers & Magazines





Create, Manage and Track your AR Codes

3D Creation


Settings Controls

Powerful Dashboard

AR Code Management

Tracking and Statistics

Dedicated generating platform

The generator interface includes AR Codes tracking stats, 3D models creation/edition/conversion (AR Code studio), 3D files hosting, Team work, and more...

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