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AR Code scanner on the App Store

To display the 3D file contained in an AR Code, we have developed an iOS application available on the APP Store. This augmented reality code scanner will instantly display 3D content in your environment. Be aware that it is also possible to display the 3D content of an AR code via the camera function of an iPhone or iPad. Nevertheless the experience will be less instantaneous.

What's an AR code ?

An AR Code (Augmented Reality Code) is a type of barcode containing the information needed to access a 3D content that can be reproduced in an augmented reality environment.

* .USDZ conversion tutorial

The * .usdz 3D file format was unveiled to the general public by Apple in 2018, it was developed in collaboration with the company Pixar. It is dedicated to augmented reality. Here is a video tutorial from the Apple team.

To convert your animated or unanimated 3D files to this format, follow these steps from a MacOS computer:

  1. Your file must be in one of the following formats: * .obj, * .gltf, * .glb, * .fbx, * .abc, * .usda, *. usdc, *. usd
  2. Download the Pixar USD tools by following this link
  3. Unzip the archive
  4. Double click on USD.command, the MacOS terminal launches
  5. Navigate to the folder where your 3D file and its textures are located (example: "cd desktop/ 3dfiles/")
  6. Execute the command "usdzconvert yourfile3d.format" depending on the name of your file and its format.
  7. Double click on the * .usdz file created to check the content
  8. The 3D model height can be to high, you can modify it before the conversion via a free 3D software like Blender.
  9. Place the resulting * .usdz file on a remote server

AR codes examples

Here are some AR codes examples generated on our service, from an iOS device you can preview the 3D model by clicking on the image.

beating heart code halloween code girl code anemone code rose code heart code diamond code

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